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Longing for a KING

We have each had the feeling at one point or another. This  feeling is one deep down in our heart of obtaining success, joy, fulfillment and pleasure from what we seek, do and believe in. It comes and goes, at times stronger than others.  The things we pursue and place priority on  in life reveal much about us. What we stake our hope for joy to says much of the soul’s longing.

Where do you seek your hope for joy?  I can think of many things I have staked my hope for joy to in the past: athletics, work & business success, relationships, affirmation from others,  the Church I attend, where I live, personal knowledge, acts of service, being a good spouse, father, friend… the list could go on.

When we stake our hope for joy to the temporal things of this world we acquiesce we relinquish control and give these things [many of them good and noble things] power over us. And sadly, these things are by themselves unable to satisfy the longing for fullness, life, restoration, joy and hope.  It appears within grasp and as we strive towards these temporal things, the fulfillment we sought them for vanishes.

Many in the current age and current presidential election season, are placing their hope for joy in who they desire to be their President. Most are either highly optimistic or  pessimistic depending on their political leanings. Some are ecstatic beyond words that their candidate won; others are crestfallen and devastated that their candidate was defeated.

Do you feel that inside of yourself? That ‘feeling’ or longing arising in light of the presidential election for things to be made right, for our country to be led wisely, for responsibility, justice and honor?? We all desire and long for a Good President, a Good King… [This feeling you have is a clue of something much bigger about you, keep reading]

But my friends, I must say we will all be disappointed and let down, regardless of your political affiliation.

Anything of this world that we take our hope for joy and life to will sadly fail us.  Your job, your friends, your President, your clients, your own family, leaders you respect…  What we must see is that this longing was placed in our hearts by our Creator God. He literally place eternity in our hearts [Ecclesiastes 3:11-14]. God placed the desire for wholeness, life, joy and restoration inside us just like He gave you the color of your eyes and hair. What we need to come to realize is that through the things of this world- be it our relationships, the places we travel, our dreams and goals, our vision for our country and it’s leadership, those fun  things we enjoy doing, is what it exposes:

These things expose a holy  longing for the Kingdom of God 

The beautiful restorative truth here  is that we will get what we long for. When God made you he gave you a Kingdom Heart not an Earthly Heart; and this is why the broken world cannot quench your heart’s deep longing. Isn’t that a relief to know?  We will get a faithful and true King to shepherd us and provide all joy, restoration and  life we so desire.  But He is not of this world, nor will He ever be on any man-made ballot. 

His ballot is your heart. 

His name is Jesus of Nazarene, the Christ

KING JESUS                     

He is the one King that deep down all people of all nations, for all time have sought and longed for, many not even knowing His Name.   

If you have never known a specific point in time during you life when you voted for Jesus as your King and asked Him to be Lord over your heart and life, now is that time. The King awaits.

For those of us who have secured our faith in Christ, a question to ponder- What temporal, worldly things am I placing my hope for joy and life in? It’s time to yield those to Jesus.

Set your hope FULLY on the grace to be given you when Jesus Christ is revealed.” 1 Peter 1:13

May the God of HOPE fill you with all Joy and Peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with Hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Romans 15:13

A friend recently asked me, “How often do you pray for Jesus to return as King, for His 2nd Coming?”  I must admit not as often as I should. We would be wise to pray & ask Jesus regularly  to come back.  He is after all the one true King we long for deep down; and King Jesus has chosen you and I  to reign with Him upon His return [Romans 5]

Come King Jesus and Restore Your Rule. We delcare your return as you have promised to us in Revelation 19:11-21.  We place ALL of our hope and longing in You.

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Glimpse of His Supremacy

Jesus is supreme over all.  Everything that we see or encounter, he reigns over. You name it, he is supreme over it, period.  Taking a step back to let that soak in, makes it all the more overwhelming to grasp.  That we could see and savor the supremacy of Jesus- His knowledge, wisdom, meekness, authority, power, purity, patience, justice, grace, love, providence… it would blow us away.

Oh that we could see more of the great depth and interworking of this King Jesus.  But when we do consciously walk in the spirit and in his strength [not our own], we get glimpses of just how grand he is.

There have been times when my wife or I just have this overriding sense that one of us needs to do something for another person; sometimes a friend, neighbor, or a complete stranger.  It may involve us going the extra mile, getting out of our comfort zone or simply taking time out of our routine.  Whatever that pull is to bless another in some small or large way, it often seems to be at the request of the Holy Spirit who is wanting to move through that deed.  If we will open our mind and heart to listen, receive the instruction and obey with our actions, the Spirit will move and Jesus will be glorified.

Some friends of our supported us on a mission trip this past year and I wanted to honor them with a special gift at Christmas.  I prayed about what to get them and was led to buy a popular daily devotional book for them.  What I intended as a ‘thoughtful’ gift, now has all the makings of Jesus specifically reaching out to them through this gift to rescue their hearts.  The couple has been totally moved by the devotional book, reading it daily and are considering getting back into church and giving this personal walk with Jesus thing another run.  In addition, their adult child was so moved by the parents’ about face in attitude and actions, that they too have been moved to read this devotional and get back into church fellowship with their family. And, our friends have ordered more copies of this devotional book to pass along to long time friends of theirs….

“What was that?”  That simple story is a glimpse of King Jesus and his ultimate supremacy; He is doing things like this all the time.  Unfortunately, we are not always tuned in to see it.  It reminds me of how the Gospel spread in the New Testament through families and friends in houses and villages like wildfire. And, King Jesus has asked us to play a part in doing that same thing in sharing the Gospel and his great love today!  What an honor!  I am humbled.

 So this is my prayer today – King Jesus, use me today as a vessel to reveal your greatness and supremacy [not mine] through the words you place in my mouth, my thoughts and actions.  I want to bear witness to the outside world of your great love and rule in our lives.  You have ultimate authority and are in charge through the big and small things your Spirit leads us to do.  Give us ears to hear the Spirit’s nudge to bless others and the courage and boldness to fearlessly proclaim the mystery of the gospel to which we are in chains to.


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