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The Frontier Trail

Men- what an adventure our trip to Eagle Rock Loop was! What a sincere honor and pleasure for me to meet and fellowship with each of you, many for the first time.  God truly spoiled and blessed me in the company of such fine men.  Thank you.

Writing in a journal has been a way that I have been able to process, and hear from the Father about life. And so, I wanted to take this opportunity before time passes and busyness creep in, to write a few thoughts and reflections on our hiking trip to seal the experience in my heart.  I want to share this with each of you as a way to encourage and crystallize your own experience in this trip and allow the Father to reveal more to you.

Masculine Journey


Walking with God is Frontier

Walking with God as Father is a journey of ongoing initiation.  My life [and each of yours]  is one of  a loving Father molding, shaping, challenging and disciplining his beloved son with the intent of the son  bringing the father glory thru his full experience of life and freedom.  Often times it doesn’t look this way or seem clear to the eye; sometimes it feels opposite, but feelings and emotion can mask the  truth.

We all are uninitiated and unfinished men.  Each of us is on a different part of the trail of life and at different levels of experience, need, and expectation.  Each of us carry around different ‘stuff’ [good and bad] in our backpacks.  Every man has a separate unique design that the Father is crafting and pulling out in hopes of you becoming  the true YOU.  What a powerful thing to sit around the campfire on the second evening and hear each man verbalize what he feels is the unique glory/giftedness God has created in him and how each man was  wrestling with it, pushing further in to seek the Father in this.  There were a few times when guys mentioned their glory/giftedness and I immediately saw them in it  after having  only spent two days around them-

“Yeah, servant of course you are; teacher, yeah, definitely.”   That  conversation alone is rare and worth the trip by itself.

I would classify myself as a beginner when it comes to hiking/backpacking.  Although I had some experience growing up doing this, that had been years ago.  So even with the training I did ahead of time I found myself at the end of the first day- cold, overwhelmed, exhausted, tested and with badly sore and blistered feet…  I know each of you were challenged on this hike  in different ways and I think it’s important for us as men to be ok with the ‘vulnerability’ of such testing.  To not be controlled by the mindset of “I’m fine, I’m in control, I can prove myself, I’m not weak…”  There is something good and noble in that vulnerability and openness that the Father can speak and minister to.  And sometimes it will only come out in a wilderness experience such as this.

In thinking about the last day of the hike on that Sunday morning, it is amazing to me how God was at work and His genuine kindness on display in the details of that day.  What if one of us hadn’t got sick?  Would we have all made it the final 7 miles to finish the loop? Would it have likely been dark before we finished and midnight before we got back home to our family? Possibly.  I know I would have suffered in those final miles.  What if there hadn’t been a medical professional in the group to minister care?  And what about those people who gave us a ride in the truck who were living out of a tent? $20 bucks was probably a pretty big deal to them to get out of nowhere just to drive some guys 2 miles… And to do all that and yet still give the guys in the group who had a passion to finish the entire the loop, the satisfaction of that achievement. Amazing.

His love.  His Kindness.  His Grace.

On full display in the splendor of his great outdoors and creation. So that He may be Glorified.

While you trail warriors were finishing off the loop so we could head back home,  I found myself sitting on a rock in the river, praying for each man in our group and just worshiping God in His Glory.  I pulled out my journal to capture the moment… Here are a couple of excerpts of what  I wrote that the Spirit spoke that I believe are not just for me but for our whole group of men.

“Stay in the River of My Love”

Well Done!  Are you ready for more?  To keep hiking on this trail with me?  My strength is enough; but it is still your choice for when and how far you wish to go.

Do You Trust Me?   Will You Follow?   Let me Lead You!

Powerful words for deeper initiation on the masculine journey with the Father.  There is more.  More revelation; more life; more mystery; more challenges.  But He is Faithful and True. He is our Trail Guide.

I pray our Father in Heaven thru the Holy Spirit would speak and move in a personal and intimate way for you in your life right now;  that He reveals himself to each man.  That the glory and the work he uniquely created for you and in you will manifest and bloom and His grace and favor will fall like rain.  And that we will each  be vulnerable and open to receive it humbly.

So that He is Glorified.

Your fellow brother on the trail-



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Proverbs 18:22

December 18, 2011

Father you are overwhelming. You leave me without words to  express how I feel inside after today.  I think everyone should have an experience in life where there is such unexpected joy from the love God lavishes on me that I am practically paralyzed from speech.

Jesus- your love is so beautiful and breath-taking; so intimate and perfectly orchestrated.

Marriage, yes.  Having your children born yes.  Most romantic couple adventure, yes. Watching your children grow up and get married, yes.

BUT- none of these can begin to compare with the weightiness and grandness of being apart of and witnessing your spouse yield her entire life to God and confirm her salvation from some 10 years ago; in a public Church setting with a passion filled testimony brimming with the aroma of the holy spirit.

I feel altogether inadequate and unworthy. And that is where your grace and mercy come in. It really is all about you and your glory. Jesus, we give you thanks and all the glory, honor and praise.  Were we to worship and praise you for every hour of our remaining life on Earth it would not be enough.  You are so worthy and true- and for that we give you our lives in return.

To walk with your wife who you love dearly through the process of obedience to God’s instruction to get baptised and share her testimony to hundreds of people is a life-changing momement.  Moments like these truly do come but once a lifetime. 

My wife- courageous in her convictions, obedient to her God, in love with Jesus, dying to her old self, leaning on God’s abudance more and more, growing in grace to all she sees- all right before my very eyes…  The reawakening in her so transformational that only the Holy Spirit could be behind it.  There is no rational for how wide He has opened the doors of his love and peace in the last 12 months. 

This year 2011, ends with a powerful expression of God’s claim on our marriage, family and lives.

Proverbs 18:22 – “He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the LORD.”

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How We “See” Christmas

Christmas and the “Holiday” Season are in the air!  Everywhere we look it is in full force.  Radio, TV, internet, stores, people’s front yards, the office parties, etc.

Happy Holidays and a cheerful HO, HO, OH?

If everything that you are seeing before you during this year-end holiday were a movie, take your remote right now and push pause; go ahead, pause all of this in your mind and take a step back.

What is really going on here?  I have a 2 1/2 year old son and now we are entering the phase of asking, “What is that?” “Why?”  And as I attempt to answer these ‘childish’ questions of youth in this season, I am caught off guard.

Do I know why I celebrate  what I do during the Christmas season? Why stockings? Christmas trees and ornaments? Lights? Where exactly did this big guy in the red suit originate from again?  [Do you know about Santa’s predecessor,  4th century Pastor Nicholas of Lycia?] Well these are very enlightening rabbit trails to chase- and with Google and Wikipedia quite easy to complete.

Perhaps all of the overhyped, oversensationalized, give the greatest gift ever at any and all cost, tell everyone how great things are, overindulge in it all is accomplishing one frightening thing: it takes the place of the real spirit and intent of Christmas.  And on top of that, perhaps we unknowingly are numbing our senses like anesthesia to block the painful, hidden, broken places of the world and our lives.  Those loved ones no longer with us, relationships once close that have vanished, physical pain and suffering of this world and of friends & family, the loss of a job, depression, etc.

This Christmas season, I am reminding myself and family of this:

In our gift giving, tree lighting, decorating, traveling to  fellowship with family and friends…. it all comes to 1 core thing.

Placing our heart’s focus and our mind’s attention on the birth of Jesus -God’s perfect and lavish gift of His son to each of us. The light of the world arriving to rescue us from our ultimate demise. Every gift we give and beautiful lit house we see, let us reflect on the greatest gift ever given- the gift of eternal life through grace by faith in Christ Jesus our King.

His Joy & His Peace is enough to overcome our brokenness; and this is worth celebrating!   Let us be bold to share with others the joy we have experienced in good and bad times over this past year through the gift of Jesus.

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