Fullness in King Jesus

16 Dec

We  must receive Jesus as King and receive His FULL Authority first before we can we experience the FULLNESS of his comfort, peace and joy.”

“Following Jesus means coming into a Kingdom, His Kingdom, not ours.  It is more than just a discussion of theology, ideas and knowledge.”

These words from Neil’s “Look for a King” sermon have kept running through my mind on repeat.

As I ponder these thoughts, I am asking myself in my daily quiet time:

What am I looking for? Am I like Simeon looking for a King- the Lord’s Messiah to arrive? 

Am I seeking that His Kingdom come, His will be done in my life each day?

Do I REALLY want to fully yield to the authority and kingship of Jesus?

Life seems to come at us ‘fast’ and raising a young family only means that the pace will get faster and the temptations greater.  There is often times that ‘pull’ to compartmentalize my walk with God and limit my relationship with Him to where it’s best for me [most convenient, doesn’t interfere with other goals of mine].  It actually does feel like a death of sorts when I actively yield parts of my life that my flesh really wants to enjoy to Jesus’ authority.

Where do I insist on my way over Jesus’ way?

For me, it has been in the subtle ways I make decisions, the words I choose, and the work or volunteer projects I take on. As most men do, I know it is my job in many of the roles I fill [husband, father, employer, leader, friend] to take action, be decisive and show a confident resolve to accomplish results.  It is a genuine good desire to want to come through for my family, clients and friends. But… did I ask Jesus for his counsel, his wisdom, his words when I am faced with those decisions??  Or did I act out of pride, anger, self-interest, entitlement, or even fear of what others think?

Often I have not asked Jesus first; and if I have, I get impatient waiting for his response.  And that reveals to me a heart that is not fully yielded to the authority of my king.

When will I bow down in repentance to King Jesus’ authority?

As Neil advised, I am making a habit of physically kneeling before God each morning to start the day and yield my life,  come under his full authority and asking the holy spirit to lead me deeper in to Jesus this day.  Just as the branch is connected to the vine to bear fruit so this ‘dailyness’ is required to deepen the inner man.

Praise God that Jesus is our Everlasting Father and Wonderful Counselor [Isaiah 9:6-7].

I am choosing to seek and humbly ask for His Transformation and not just Information. Revelation and not wisdom alone.  He is my Father and Counselor and what good and true Father or Counselor doesn’t spend time in intimate conversation with those he loves and counsels?  My intimate time with Jesus is paramount; and I must actively fight for it.

As a husband and father, I am yielding to Jesus that indeed there are things my wife and son need that I can never provide; and that only King Jesus can provide them.  I want to focus my energy on directing them to Jesus for what only the Mighty King, Everlasting Father and Wonderful Counselor can provide.





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