17 Jun

Father’s Day 2012

A note to our Heavenly Father on Father’s Day.  Let us all remember and never forget that as believers in His Son Jesus, we are sons and daughters of the King forever. -Amen


How can I comprehend you?  The love you have for me has existed since before time; since before all that I see came into existence.  Unfathomable.

Your plan all along, even in the midst of my sin, evil and unbelief was one of ransom and rescue.  Your only begotten Son would  leave the glory of Heaven and your side to be made like man and to be poured out as a perfect Blood sacrifice.  All of this so that I could become a son of yours. Your only begotten son Jesus who you love dearly, became the first begotten, so all those who believe in your Son can come and receive the sonship and daugthership of the One True God. We get to be co-heirs with Jesus Christ to your kingdom and receive all the benefits of sons and daughters.

Why is this so hard to see? Why do I seek to indulge my own passions and desires and seek the illusion of control?  Why such unbelief on our part?

Why is this so hard to receive from you, this free gift of grace? Why do I seek to earn it based on knowledge, works, merit, actions, deeds?

This gift, this freedom, this everlasting act of grace you have bestowed- it’s all of You.  There is nothing else needed or required.

Your ways are not our ways; your thoughts are not our thoughts.  We can but receive this great love and adoption by grace that you have poured out; receive it in all humility and meekness.  You have breathed life into us and you have imparted to us life everlasting thru Jesus, the first begotten Son of many.

I am overwhelmed by you Heavenly Father, and so we do cry out Abba “Daddy”.  You are truly all we need.  I receive  sonship from you Father.  I walk into it fully and wholeheartedly and ask you to breathe your Fatherly presence over all of my life and my family.

Teach me and use me thru your Holy Spirit, how to be an earthly father.  How to offer always out of love, grace and genuine deep strength.  May your life flow out of me, your love and might always to others for your glory.

Scripture References:

Hebrew 2:10-11

John 1:1-15

Romans 8

Revelation 21:7

John 20:17

Galatians 4:5-7

1 John 3:1-3

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