Kingdom Refuge

The heart of the King is for His people. The Father’s great desire is for all His sons and daughters to be one with Him as they were in their Original Glory. The Kingdom of Heaven is advancing and descending upon planet Earth to bring about complete restoration.

Our desire through the KING JESUS movement, is to encourage and catalyze our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to walk, run and finish well with Christ. Let us create a refuge of the heart, a secret place, to be replenished and breathed on by the Spirit of Jesus and to receive greater portions of the Father’s great love and goodness for His children.  A ground swell of authentic worship and  intercessory prayer among the church throughout the world is coming forth. Let us all seek to host His Presence well and to hallow his name in our life!  If you share this desire of the heart, join us, follow us.

If you have a story of how King Jesus has transformed you heart and life, we would love to hear it. Drop us a line at

If you have never experienced the extravagant love of Christ or have known that there is a  Father in Heaven who longs to have a relationship with you, please contact us at  We would love to visit.



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